No-sew face masks require the following items:
old/unwanted t-shirt (best if Large/XL)
fabric glue
pen or marker
tape measure or ruler
A standard t-shirt will provide enough material to create 4 adult-sized masks.
Cut along all lines as shown.
Blue lines to remove sleeves.
If left intact they should create 2 makeshift masks that may fit over your head without any other work.
Orange lines up sides to split front from back.
Pink lines to create base mask and string pieces.
Mask base is width of t-shirt and 8" high.
String base is width of t-shirt and 1" high.
Starting fabric size = width of T-shirt x 8"h
Tug long sides to find natural direction of fabric "curl" and use as a guide for direction of hem.
Fold ~1/2" overlap to form even edge and press with fingertips to provide a guide for the fabric glue.
Hem both long edges evenly (doesn't have to be perfect!)
Final mask height should be approximately 7".
Allow fabric glue to set slightly then fold both ends toward center.
Overlap should be off-center and final width
will be approximately 8".
Mark at desired fold point & 1" from fold.
This provides position for gluing string in place.
1"h strips cut from the shirt can be pulled & stretched to create strings.
Don't hold back! Pull to a length of at least 32".
Overhang strings at least 8" at the top (not shown, sorry!)
Glue top points with a fair amount of fabric glue but do NOT glue at the bottom.
This will create a drawstring effect which helps the mask fit different head sizes.
Last step! Glue along top and bottom hems and fold into final position.
Make sure to avoid the bottom portion of the string (pink box) to allow for the drawstring to work once dry.
Overlap positioning may vary. Only top and bottom hems are glued in place. (Shown as blue lines on the right)
Let me know if you have any questions :)
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